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Every first Friday of the month, historic downtown Fredericksburg, Texas, transforms into a vibrant arts and cultural center. Follow the bliss as we take you on a self-guided tour of the city's vibrant art and culture scene.

You can buy original works of art and fine crafts, enjoy artist shows, while being serenaded by live music and admire the art of Western artists in beautiful surroundings. This artist gallery in Boerne welcomes you to explore the diverse and diverse art scene of Fredericksburg, Texas, and its vibrant art scene. Show your artwork to the community by participating in a jury exhibition or purchasing artwork for sale.

BPA sponsors an Art Walk, where art galleries provide appetizers and refreshments while free shopping carts take you to various locations. Art Walk receptions will be held on Saturday, March 5, from 5: 30 to 8 p.m. at the BPA Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas.

See LAFTA (see below) and a look at some of the other local artists and their work at See below for more information about the KERVville Art Walk and other events in Kerville and Fredericksburg, see artintthehill.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, we strive to be a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with an emphasis on art and community. Our goal is to support and promote the arts in our community and beyond as a volunteer organization.

Our professional theater and educational programs are recognized throughout the region, and we are in one of the most culturally diverse and diverse communities in the state of Texas and the nation.

Our works include plays, musicals, operas, comedies, dramas, plays and other works of art as well as music, dance, theatre and film.

Linda likes to work on compositions and to put paint on paper, because here in Texas there are many ranches and rodeos that still have cowboy horses and some of the work is still done with horses. Her themes are inspired by cattle breeders and her themes are themes such as cattle, horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, cattle dogs and other animals.

Hill Country has become a center of wine making, with 53 wineries forming the Texas Hill County Wine Trail. The art scene of the hilly region is complemented by a rich art and cultural history in the form of local and national museums, galleries and art galleries. Rounding out the enchanting cultural experience for visitors is the annual Texas State Fair, the largest public art festival in Texas and one of the largest nationwide.

Kerr County is also home to many artists and artisans, with events attracting artists from across the state, making Kerr County one of the liveliest and most vibrant arts communities in Texas. Add the award - Texas Wineries - and you'll soon discover why Hill Country is the leading destination for art and culture in Texas.

Our mission is to strengthen and promote Fredericksburg to become the next great American art destination. Be sure to find detailed listings of events related to art on our Facebook page as well as on our Pobble Drip Arts website. A fantastic way to see some of the best regional, national and international art in Texas in one place.

We are also home to the Texas State Museum of Art and Fredericksburg Art Museum, as well as a number of other local art galleries and museums.

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More About Kerrville